The Incredible Presence of a Remarkable Absence

The Incredible Presence of a Remarkable Absence

The Incredible Presence Of A Remarkable Absence

Welcome to Lîla Dance’s 50 minute re-imagining of the world created by Samuel Beckett in Waiting for Godot.

It is a tragic-comedy that shifts between, absurd, vulnerable and bittersweet scenarios as four peculiar personalities wait for their salvation. This quartet exists in a world inspired by Waiting for Godot, a world where certainties are in short supply.

The wait is unnerving and brims with frenetic impulses; the characters embrace distraction to escape the terrible silence. The stillness erupts with urgent movement and sporadic dialogues that are at one moment energetic, and at the next tender. The journey is riveting, unpredictable and acutely humorous, it will have you on the edge of your seat one moment and laughing the next.


Choreography/Direction: Abi Mortimer in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Carrie Whitaker, Joe Darby, Kai Downham & Aya Kobayashi

Original sound score: Dougie Evans

Additional musicWaiting for a Train by Jimmie Rodgers

Lighting design

& Technical Management: Vince Field

Technician: Carl McCabe.

Costume design: Alice Searle

Management: Morton Bates Arts Services

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